About Us

Kiribati Ship Registry (KSR), under the Marine Division of Ministry of Information, Communication, Transport and Tourism Development (MICTTD) of Kiribati, has the exclusive authority to register vessels under the Kiribati Flag and issue all the necessary certificates on behalf of the Kiribati Government. The operational headquarters of the Kiribati Ship Registry (KSR) is located strategically in Singapore to provide efficient and quality service to ship owners.

At Kiribati Ship Registry (KSR), we stand firm in our long term commitment to excellence and putting our clients ahead of us.

In order to achieve our mission and vision, Kiribati Ship Registry (KSR) aims to keep abreast with the dynamic changes within the maritime industry and ensure our clients do not encounter unnecessary delays and downtime.


High standard, high quality and responding to shipowners in the fastest time at the lowest cost.


To work hand in hand with the maritime community and complying with international maritime instruments to ensure the safety of lives and protection of the environment.
Online Service

Verification of Registration
Verify the registration of vessels flagged with Kiribati.

Vessel Name Availability
Check vessel name availability for registration with Kiribati.

Manning Calculator
Check Kiribati's manning requirements for unlimited trade.

Verification of Crew Endorsements (COE)
Verify authenticity of Kiribati Crew Endorsements.

Verification of Vessel Certificates
Verify authenticity of Kiribati Vessel Certificates.