Benefits Flagging with Kiribati

  • Financial Savings:
    • Competitive taxes
    • Not mandatory to register through lawyers
    • Not mandatory for shipowners to incorporate a company in Kiribati
    • Trading profits and capital gains are not subject to further taxation by the Government

  • Discount Schemes Available:
    • Age discounts
    • Fleet discounts
    • Discounts for specific Type and Size of vessels
    • Discounts for vessels that are well maintained
      (Kindly Contact Us for details on the above)

  • There is no restriction on the nationality of ownership
  • There is no restriction on the crew's nationality, Certificate of Competencies issued by IMO STCW "White Listed" nations will be recognized
  • There is no minimum tonnage requirement
  • Vessels are not subjected to requisition by the Kiribati government as national resources
  • Efficient round-the-clock service to answer and assist clients in every possible way (Contact Us)
  • Kiribati is a nation in the IMO STCW "White List"


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